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BASF and Entegris issued a joint press release announcing the sale of the Precision Microchemicals Business to Entegris. The transaction was completed on November 30, 2021. Learn more.

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Cleaners, Precision

Precision cleaning of metals, ceramics, glasses and crystalline materials between machining steps (in-process cleaning) and post-process is necessary for the optimum machining conditions, free of swarf, fines, detritus, coolants, lapping/polishing slurry residues or a combination of contaminants. This is particularly true in the machining of electronic materials such as semiconductor and optical and photonic crystals where contaminants can interfere with the fabrication and functionality of the final device or component.

Precision Microchemicals offer an extensive range of cleaners primarily water-based concentrates to avoid VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are increasingly banned from the working environment. The formulation and manufacture of our water or aqueous-based cleaners is carefully controlled and various additives are used to enhance the physical and chemical attributes of the products:

  • Surfactants — wettability, soil dispersion
  • Defoamers — suppression of excessive foam in high pressure sprays
  • Solvents — reduction of surface tension, pH adjustment, enhanced solubility
  • Corrosion Inhibitors (passivating & non-passivating) — suppression of metal corrosion
  • Builders — enhanced cleaning via surfactants, sequestration of water hardness, pH maintenance, reduction of metal, lead content in waste stream
  • Hydrotopes — increased solubility of organics in high levels of inorganic salts
  • Oxidizers — corrosion inhibition, adsorption, dissolution in soils, oxygen release, enhanced soil removal

The selection of the correct cleaners for the task can be a complex matter and Cleaning Engineers, R&D and Production Staff are encouraged to contact Chemetall Precision Microchemicals for detailed product information.

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