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BASF and Entegris issued a joint press release announcing the sale of the Precision Microchemicals Business to Entegris. The transaction was completed on November 30, 2021. Learn more.

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Coolants and Grinding Fluids, Lapping, Polishing & CMP Suspensions, Precision

As machining tasks become more critical in the pursuit of maximum efficiency, economy and the perfection of the finished component, so too does the need for best-in-class specialty fluids and abrasive suspensions. Precision Microchemicals Technical Center operates a fully equipped laboratory to enable the R&D and production of engineered fluids. Some of the equipment includes:

  • Diamond Dispersion/Sonication Equipment — ultrasonic equipment for dispersion of sub-micron and nanometer sized diamond particles
  • Flow Cells for Sonication — inline and continuous, large volume, batch sample processing (mixing/dispersing)
  • Galvenostat/Poteniostat Tester — electrolytic titration for concentration measurement
  • Micro Tap — enhanced analyzer to measure coolant lubricity
  • Particle Analyzer — provides information on particle size and distribution and distribution
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) — diffraction analyzer
  • Potentiometric Titration — accurately determines product concentration
  • Small Packaging Stand-Alone Equipment
  • Turbiscan — evaluates the stability and homogeneity of solutions
  • Ultrasonic — uses ultrasound to clean small parts

Manufacturing Engineers, R&D and Production Staff are encouraged to contact Chemetall Precision Microchemicals for detailed product information for their specific machining task.


Tech Cool 3700 is a synthetic grinding fluid developed to provide superior performance for critical grinding applications of ferrous metals. This unique blend of anionic additives, polar nonionic lubricants and film-forming ingredients provides outstanding film strength necessary for excellent surface finish, tool life and corrosion protection. In addition, the inherent stability of this product minimizes depletion due to its resistance to degradation.
Tech Cool MicroCut 86 is a synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Tech Cool MicroCut 86 is a blend of surfactants, polar lubricating agents, synthetic EP additives and corrosion inhibitors which provide superior grinding and cutting performance. The coolant provides excellent heat control to deliver good removal rate, close tolerance and excellent surface finish. The corrosion inhibitor package gives excellent machinery protection from galvanic corrosion and the coolant also contains ingredients which prevent build-up of microorganisms enabling a longer sump life. Tech Cool MicroCut 86 leaves a readily soluble, clean, nonstick residue and is suitable for both rough and finish grinding of all glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Tech Cool MicroCut 57-1 is a premium semi-synthetic coolant formulated for high speed machining operations in which superior micro-finishes are required, especially for aluminum and ferrous alloys. The product contains no sulfur or chlorine and provides superior boundary lubrication, excellent corrosion protection, biological growth resistance, enhanced hard water tolerance, increased emulsion stability, exceptional sump life and machining system detergency.
Tech Cool MicroCut 28S is a fully synthetic coolant specially formulated for wire-saw cutting of the toughest materials, including ceramics and metallic alloys. This coolant can be used on annular saws for wafering ceramics, optical, electro-optical and quartz materials and is designed to keep diamond cutting tools and substrates clean and cool.


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