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Wastewater Treatment

Wasterwater treatment chemicals produced by Chemetall provide a variety of solutions to combat any wastewater situation. With Chemetall you will enjoy minimized sludge production, reduced man-hour requirements, improved effluent quality, greater consistency, enhanced water-recycling capabilities, and reduced cost — all while meeting your discharge limitations.

Chromate Reduction

Dispoz Aid 1 is a dry, powdered material developed for treating spent chromate solutions prior to disposal. It converts the hexavalent chromium into the easily precipitated trivalent form. Required by Federal, State and Local regulations, the trivalent chrome is precipitated out of solution with Dispoz Aid 2.

Heavy Metals Removal

Dispoz Aid 2 is a dry, powdered product intended for use in removing heavy metals from spent or reduced acid solutions, including trivalent chromium, copper and iron; it also removes phosphates and fluorides.
Liquid Dispoz Aid HM precipitates and removes many heavy metals such as zinc, iron, nickel, copper, cadmium, lead and aluminum from spent solutions that require disposal.

Spent Emulsions Treatment

Mildly alkaline Dispoz Aid EB effectively splits spent oil or solvent emulsions in one easy step.

Cationic Coagulants

Our products neutralize ionic charge differentials to form a "microfloc" of neutralized solids that display enhanced coagulation, floc structure, size and density. Treated wastewater displays enhanced metal removal and reduced turbidity. Chemetall's cationic coagulants are more effective in reducing sludge volume than traditional inorganic coagulants such as calcium chloride and ferrous sulfate.

Enprox 8533 is a proprietary blend of two cationic coagulant substrates that have been polymerized with a medium weight cationic polymer. It is specially formulated to absorb oil and grease and turn them into a dense, dewatered floc matrix.
A combination of an iron-based coagulant and a high molecular weight cationic polymer, Enprox 8423 is highly reactive and very aggressive in the neutralization and coagulation of suspended wastewater particles.
Enprox 8407 is a concentrated cationic coagulant solution whose neutral composition provides solution charge neutralization and coagulation in final neutralization tanks as well as in acid and alkaline solution tanks.
Enprox 8412 is a proprietary aluminum/calcium solution with an all-inorganic composition that makes this product compatible with membrane-based filtration systems.
Enprox 8340 is a concentrated, low molecular weight liquid metal precipitant agent that also functions as a final polishing agent in any type of treatment system.


Chemetall's anionic polyelectrolytes rapidly produce a dense floc, of large size and agglomeration, that provide for immediate settling in clarifiers and holding basins.

Enprox 8110 is a polyelectrolyte in emulsion form that will react quickly at a pH between 7 and 11 to flocculate metal hydroxides.
Enprox 8439 will quickly react at a pH level of 7 to 10 to flocculate metal hydroxides.
Enprox 8440 is polyelectrolyte in hydrated form that will react quickly at a pH level of 7 to 11 to flocculate metal hydroxides.


Concentrated Enprox 8784 is a siloxane-based formulation and is non-ionic in charge composition.
Non-ionic Enprox 8617 is silicone based and has been successfully implemented for foam control in plating applications for zinc, tin, and tin/lead processes.
Employed primarily in cooling water treatments, Enprox 8477 is a concentrated defoaming agent that is a blend of surfactants.

pH Adjustment

For neutralizing wastewater before discharge, rely on Chemetall's pH adjustment products. They make no biochemical oxygen demands on water and are phosphate free.

Enprox 702 is an inorganic acid that neutralizes alkaline waste, lowers pH of recirculated industrial cooling water to control alkalinity and scale, and regulates the pH of the solution being treated with Oakite Dispoz Aid 1.
Enprox 714 is a liquid alkaline product that neutralizes acidic solutions prior to disposal, regulates the pH of water in air conditioning units, water cooling towers, waste effluent systems, evaporative condensers and other similar water systems and controls the pH level of solutions being treated with Oakite Dispoz Aid 2.


Enprox 8030 is an integrated, acrylate-based water dispersant that contains aggressive copolymers with excellent hardness and iron suspension properties.


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