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Magnetic Heads, Recordable Media/HDD

Magnetic heads or sliders are the small parts of a magnetic disk drive that nowadays fly at less than 3 nm above the disk platter and write and read data to and from the disk. Heads have evolved from early tape recorder designs into Metal in Gap (MIG), Magnetoresistance (MR), Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) and today's prominent type, Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR). Soon to follow will be Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording heads (HAMR) which feature a small laser which heats and changes the magnetic properties (coercivity) of the disk in a small region when data is being written. This permits data writing on a much smaller scale, greatly increasing the amount of data stored on a standard disk.

In order for heads to fly at 3 nm or less above a disk, the heads have to be critically lapped, polished, planarized and cleaned to remove asperities and contaminants which could cause a catastrophic head-disk crash. Chemetall Precision Microchemicals develops and produces a range of coolants, abrasive slurries and cleaners ideal for all stages of magnetic head fabrication:

  • Head Wafer Fabrication — CMP (chemo-mechanical polishing/planarizing) Slurries & post CMP Cleaners
  • Head Wafer Singulation/Dicing/Bar Cutting — Coolants
  • Head Bar Level Lapping — Diamond Slurries
  • Head Bar Level Lapping (Fixed Abrasive Plate) — Coolants
  • Head Kiss Lapping — Diamond Slurries for charging Sn/Sb alloy plates
  • Magnetic Head Fabrication (In & Post Process) — Cleaners
  • Disk — Grinding Coolants
  • Disk — Cleaners

As magnetic head processing continues to evolve with the increasing demands of data "compression" into disk media, new head technologies and process chemistries keep Chemetall Precision Microchemicals at the forefront of R&D and production in this industry.

Magnetic Head Engineers, R&D and Production Staff are encouraged to contact Chemetall Precision Microchemicals for detailed information.


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