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BASF and Entegris issued a joint press release announcing the sale of the Precision Microchemicals Business to Entegris. The transaction was completed on November 30, 2021. Learn more.

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Silicon, Si, Germanium, Ge, II-VI / III-V compound semiconductors e.g. Zinc Selenide, ZnSe, Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, Cadmium Telluride, CdTe and Wide Band Gap Semiconductors (WBGSs) such as Silicon Carbide, SiC and related materials are grown in ingot form then ground into cylinders, sawn into wafers and ultimately, lapped, polished, chemo-mechanically polished and cleaned. The wafers are fabricated into integrated circuits (IC's) with thousands of chips or other devices per wafer and the fabricated wafers are thinned by backgrinding/backlapping/backpolishing or a combination of these steps.

Chemetall Precision Microchemicals develops and manufactures numerous chemistries for all machining steps including coolants for wire sawing, grinding/backgrinding, wafer dicing/singulation and abrasive slurries including diamond, alumina, ceria, silica, boron carbide, silicon carbide for lapping and polishing processes. Additionally, we develop and manufacture precision chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP), abrasive and non-abrasive slurries for polishing/planarizing base wafers prior to epitaxy complimented with our specially formulated cleaners to remove chemical and abrasive detritus.

  • Ingot Shaping/Grinding/Sawing — Coolants
  • Diamond Wire Saw — Coolants
  • Lapping & Polishing — Vehicles, Diamond Slurries, Alumina Slurries, Boron Carbide Slurries, Silicon Carbide Slurries, Colloidal Silica Slurries, Polishing Pads
  • Chemo-Mechanical Polishing/Planarizing — Precision Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Slurries
  • Wafer Backgrind/Backlap/Backpolish/Thin — Coolants, Diamond Slurries, Alumina Slurries, Boron Carbide Slurries, Silicon Carbide Slurries
  • In & Post Process — Cleaners

Chemetall Precision Microchemicals offers standard and customized products and encourages Wafer Process Engineers, R&D and Production Staff are encouraged to contact Chemetall Precision Microchemicals for detailed product information for application-specific product recommendations.


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