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BASF and Entegris issued a joint press release announcing the sale of the Precision Microchemicals Business to Entegris. The transaction was completed on November 30, 2021. Learn more.

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Tool Die & Mold

Skilled machinists in the tool, die and mold making industries produce jigs, fixture, dies, molds and cutting tools. The manufacture of these products involves the use CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, jig grinders, power tools such as die grinders, rotary tools and hand tools including files, honing stones and precision diamond compounds for mold polishing.

Chemetall Precision Microchemicals manufactures grinding coolants, cleaners and MicroLap E Diamond Compounds and vehicles for the machining, polishing and cleaning of all types of mold materials and tool and die steels. Typical finishes and applications:

Level Description Typical Applications
A-1 Grade #3 Diamond Lens/Mirror — requires 420 SS material
A-2 Grade #6 Diamond High Polish Parts
A-3 Grade #15 Diamond High Polish Parts
B-1 600 Grit Paper Medium Polish Parts
B-2 400 Grit Paper Medium Polish Parts
B-3 320 Grit Paper Medium–Low Polish Parts
C-1 600 Stone Low Polish Parts
C-2 400 Stone Low Polish Parts
C-3 320 Stone Low Polish Parts
D-1 Dry Blast Glass Bead Satin Finish
D-2 Dry Blast #240 Oxide Dull Finish
D-3 Dry Blast #24 Oxide Low Polish Parts

The polishing and finishing of molds can be a complicated task depending on the mold material. Tool, Die and Mold Makers are encouraged to contact Chemetall Precision Microchemicals for detailed product and application data on the optimum MicroLap E Diamond Polishing Compound.


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