Page 2 - BASF-CHEMETALL Metalworking Collateral (NA)
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Metalworking Expertise.

        Available Now.

        Chemetall continuously innovates for performance in metalworking
        fluids and controlling systems. The benefits of our coolants and

        lubricants are enhanced tool life, lower disposal costs, increased
        worker safety, and energy savings. Our process engineering and

        equipment experts can provide tools to monitor, control, dispense,
        and treat metalworking systems. Increase your confidence with

        Chemetall’s application and industry approvals.

           Cool.                                  Lubricate.                              Protect.

        Enhance:                                                   Reduce:

          Productivity                                               Consumption
           Tool life                                                  Residue
           Sump life                                                  Additives

           System stability                                          Tool wear
           Quality                                                    Drag-out
           Safety                                                     Water and energy use

           Eco-efficiency                                             Waste/Effluent

                                                                  At Chemetall,

                                                                  our focus is you,

                                                                  our metalworking customer.

                                                                  Tailor-made expertise from our global team, to enhance the
                                                                  efficiency of your specific processes, is locally available and
                                                                  ready to meet your needs. As process innovators fully dedicated
                                                                  to your success, we innovate, develop, manufacture, and supply
                                                                  best-in-class technologies, systems, and solutions for you.
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