Page 4 - BASF-CHEMETALL Metalworking Collateral (NA)
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Cut it. Clean it. Coat it. Control it. Conserve it. with us!

                                                                      Increase                Decrease
                                                                         Your                     Your
                                                                                                   ...Energy use
                                                                                                      ...Total cost
                                                                               ...Yield                 per output
                                                                                    ...Throughput             ...Cycle Time


          Trust Chemetall’s industry-proven expertise and solutions to increase your metalworking productivity.

        Along with individual process support, we manufacture      We are the Surface Treatment global business unit of the
        a full line of products to maximize productivity in every    Coatings division of BASF, operating under the Chemetall
        aspect of the metalworking industry. Our innovative and    brand, a leading supplier of applied surface treatments and
        award-winning line of Tech Cool metalworking fluids        services for metal, plastic, and glass substrates in a vast range
        includes synthetic fluids, semi-synthetic fluids, and soluble    of industries and end markets. As process innovators, fully
        oils. We also offer drawing and stamping compounds         dedicated to your success, we develop, manufacture, and
        and industrial lubricants. Turn to us for the equipment    provide best-in-class technologies, systems, and expertise.
        and expertise needed to monitor, control, dispense, and
        treat consumables.
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