Page 9 - BASF-CHEMETALL Metalworking Collateral (NA)
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        Tech Cool                   ®

        Metalworking Fluids

        Tech Cool metalworking fluids are a stable, emulsion blend   Advantages of Tech Cool
        of mineral oil, corrosion inhibitors, and extreme pressure
        additives. When mixed with water, they form a translucent     Extended sump life.
        solution that provides cooling, lubricity, and protection.      Low foaming.
        Tech Cool metalworking fluids offer a cleaner metalworking     Rejects tramp oils.
        operation even in high speed/high pressure machines.       Superior corrosion protection.
                                                                   Hard and soft water compatibility.
                                                                   Non-chlorinated and chlorinated options.
                                                                   Multi-metal applications.
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