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Commitment to the Environment

Commitment to the Environment is an integral part of Chemetall’s business plan and the Company exercises responsible stewardship in all areas of its operations.

This policy applies to procurement of raw materials, manufacturing processes, distribution services, sales, and waste disposal for all sites.

The operations carried out at Chemetall are the manufacturing of specialty chemicals for the general industrial market, and the related functions of quality control, quality assurance, purchasing, maintenance, and distribution. Research and development of new products and technologies are also carried out.

Blending of chemicals takes place as part of the batch manufacturing process.

The policy is fully endorsed by, and has total commitment of the Board and senior management.

Chemetall's Environmental Policy

The company is committed to:

  • Developing and promoting quality products with minimal environmental impact, and to preventing pollution throughout the production and product life cycle;
  • The storage and use of materials in a manner which seeks to minimize environmental harm;
  • The reduction in consumption of resources, and reduction of waste arising from the use of such resources, through waste minimization;
  • Seeking to use suppliers and contractors who demonstrate a commitment to good environmental practices;
  • Environmental awareness promotion, both for employees and customers. We encourage employees and other interested parties to adopt good environmental practices and to make suggestions for environmental improvements;
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance;
  • Complying with environmental legislation and regulations;
  • Setting environmental objectives, and implementing procedures, to monitor and report on progress;


The Chemetall North American manufacturing facility located in Jackson, MI is Certificated ISO 14001.


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