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Ecoating after pretreatment for the finest corrosion protection.

You will marvel at:
  • The uniformity of the coating
  • The incredible edge protection
  • The caliber of the throw power
  • The optimal flow provided by the innovative CathoGuard line

This superior chemistry offers an unrivaled value proposition that vastly increases your efficiency while reducing your material use up to 20%.

Electrocoat products from BASF | Chemetall include:

  • CathoGuard 525 (Contains tin, lead-free, and HAPS-free)
  • CathoGuard 800 (Tin-free, lead-free, and HAPS-free)
  • CathoGuard 960 (Tin-free, lead-free, and HAPS-free)

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Product Sales Specialist Electrocoating
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Bob Horton
Industry Specialist Electrocoating
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