expect more — discovery

Discovery allows for the correct solution to your challenges. It is the process of finding information
for the first time. Seeing something that no one
has seen before. Our professionals analyze at a
level of expertise that makes discovery easier. Discovery provides methods to increase your efficiency and sustainability.

expect more — collaboration

Our people are among the best trained and most intuitive available. We recognize that your people also are. Collaboration between our teams means
the best people collaborate and the best solutions
are found. Those solutions increase efficiency
and sustainability.

expect more — innovation

Creating, teaching, and using new ideas define how we see innovation. We don't innovate in a vacuum. Our ideas of how to make better processes and solutions come right from the field. We are always watching, measuring, and listening for new ways to innovate to increase your efficiency and sustainability.

expect more — efficiency

The ability to produce the greatest amount of
useful work or product with the least amount
of resources — such as energy, fuel, labor, water,
or time — is known as efficiency. Boosting
efficiency is a key measure to increase your productivity and sustainability.

expect more — expertise

Expertise requires continuous investment to
maintain already high levels of knowledge and proficiency. We seek out engineers, designers,
and technical specialists with a keen curiosity.
They have made a commitment to ongoing professional development. We use this knowledge
to improve your efficiency and sustainability.

expect more — support

Our support can be defined as timely, appropriate, and technically sound assistance. This is achieved through product recommendations, lab testing, process improvement troubleshooting, evaluation assistance, and simple listening. Our support will increase your efficiency and sustainability.


Chemetall North America

We are the Surface Treatment global business unit of the Coatings division of BASF, operating under the Chemetall brand.

As the global leader in applied surface treatments and services for metal, plastic, and glass substrates in a vast range of industries and end markets, we are process innovators.

We develop, manufacture, and supply best-in-class technologies, systems, and expertise.

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