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Cleaners, Maintenance

Cleaners, Maintenance remove carbon, rust, oils, grease, smoke stains, to name a few. Chemetall's maintenance cleaners are developed with performance, process simplicity, worker safety, and the environment in mind.

Ardrox 1618 is a concentrated blend of surfactants, sequestrants, and caustic alkali that effectively cleans the ferrous parts of internal combustion engines. This cleaner removes carbon, rust, and lead deposits from components such as valves and cylinder header. Ardrox 1618 also effectively decarbonizes other components such as rubber molds.
Ardrox 1900-B is a thickened, heavy-duty alkaline product formulated to clean the exteriors and interiors of aircraft and ground handling equipment. It clings to the surface and rapidly wets out the soil and can be used for wet or dry washing. A blend of alkalis, water soluble solvents, and wetting agents, Ardrox 1900-B has a pleasant lemon odor. It does not contain petroleum solvents or phosphates. Ardrox 1900-B rinses off easily and completely, leaving a streak-free, spot-free surface.
Ardrox 2410-B is a thickened, heavy-duty alkaline product formulated to clean steel and stainless steel at ambient temperatures. An alkaline gel, Ardrox 2410-B is especially effective in removing accumulated food deposits from food contact surfaces.
Ardrox 485-R is a liquid material developed for cleaning wool and other synthetic fiber carpets through a Hydro-Soil Extractor type cleaning machine. Ardrox 485-R removes deeply embedded dirt gently and freshens carpets while giving them new lift and life.
Ardrox 6085 is a thickened alkaline product which removes difficult oils, grease, carbonized exhaust tracks, and smoke stains from aircraft surfaces, including engine nacelles, flap areas, wheel bays and landing gear. It can be used by itself as a heavy-duty cleaner, as a wipe-on/wipe-off spot cleaner, or as a pre-cleaner before normal cleaning operations.
Ardrox 440 is a liquid alkaline product formulated to clean aircraft exteriors. Ardrox 6440 is a concentrated blend of alkaline builders, surfactants, and inhibitors. Ardrox 6440 clings to the surface and rapidly wets out the soil and then rinses off completely, without streaking of spotting. Ardrox 6440 is biodegradable, phosphate-free and contains no organic solvents.
Gardoclean R 1700 F is a caustic-based material designed to remove scale and other contaminants from spray washers, immersion process lines and heat exchangers. It can also be used as an alkaline builder with a separate surfactant for cleaning processes.
Gardoclean A 5365 is a heavy duty, safe, alkaline cleaner designed to be fully compatible with water-based and water-dispersible metalworking fluid systems. Gardoclean A 5365 is designed for cleaning out machine tool sumps, coolant supply lines and coolant recycling equipment. The unique formulation allows for the product to be added to working synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil coolant systems during ongoing production, reducing the down time during maintenance programs. Gardoclean A 5365 will effectively remove oily residues, sticky deposits and sludge that typically build up in metalworking systems. It is fast acting, free rinsing and compatible with most waste treatment processes.

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