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Defoamants do more than prevent or reduce foam; they improve filtration, dewatering and drainage of many types of suspensions, mixtures or slurries. They can also increase vessel holding capacity, improve efficiency of distillation or evaporation equipment, and improve lubrication efficiency. Chemetall offers defoamants to address all of these needs.

Control agent for both alkaline and acid systems. USDA authorized.
USDA authorized non-silicone based defoamant specially designed to control foam in a variety of industrial operations.
Defoamant SM is a liquid, highly-concentrated antifoamant / defoamant for acid and alkaline cleaners, detergent iron phosphates, metalworking fluids, waste water treatment systems, paint detackification systems and most anywhere else where foam is a problem. It is particularly effective in controlling foam in applications where soap-based lubricants are removed in spray washers.
Liquid, defoaming surfactant additive for pretreatment.
Gardobond Additive H 7091 is a highly concentrated antifoam / defoamer designed to control foam in process water systems such as paint spray booths, water scrubbers and power washers.

Gardobond Additive H 7091 controls foam by reducing the surface viscosity or elasticity of the foam bubbles. When this occurs, the bubble is destabilized and the tendency for a foam network to form is minimized.

By controlling foam build-up, Gardobond Additive H 7091 can offer the following benefits:
  • Improved general system appearance
  • Improved plant safety conditions
  • Reduced chemical and water loss from system
  • Improves system performance/product quality
Gardofloc PDF 560 is a deaerating defoamer which prevents the formation of foam due to excess turbulence. It is supplied as an organic liquid. Gardofloc PDF 560 is effective at any pH but is most efficient at pH levels below 9 and temperatures up to 140°F.

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