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Attractive design and long-lasting corrosion protection anodic oxidation or anodizing offers many possibilities for coloring and a high-performance corrosion protection for your aluminum surfaces. Chemetall products help you optimize your anodizing process, for instance the Gardo® Etch for acid and alkaline etching or our Gardo® Seal Series for sealing processes. Our proven chemistry gives you:

  • Superior bath life
  • Outstanding cleaning and rinsability
  • Exceptional surface finish uniformity
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Reduction in alkaline and acidic fumes

Applications for Anodizing that Chemetall offers:

  • Acid etching
  • Alkaline etching
  • Anodizing additives
  • Deoxidizer
  • Eco-efficient cleaners
  • Medium temperature sealing
  • Metal free sealing

Anodizing Products

Gardacid P 4589, formerly Deoxidizer 34L, is a liquid acidic material designed to quickly remove oxide and smut from aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is also used to brighten copper and its alloys. Non-foaming Gardacid P 4589 is formulated to provide a long solution life.

Chemetall's anodizing product line offers many specialized formulas and additive materials to meet your company's specific performance requirements. Please call (800) 526-4473, ext. 2634 to speak with one of our anodizing specialists.


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