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Attractive design and long-lasting corrosion protection is the standard when utilizing Chemetall solutions. The customer experience includes local technical support, regional and global anodize labs, steady supply chain & robust sustainable solutions that deliver to your bottom line & delight your customers.

Chemetall technical team and products help you optimize your anodizing process, for instance the Gardo® Etch for acid and alkaline etching or our Gardo Seal Series for sealing processes. Our proven chemistry provides:

  • Superior bath life
  • Outstanding cleaning and rinsability
  • Reduced consumption
  • Excellent surface finish uniformity
  • Durable corrosion protection to industry standards

Chemetall Anodizing Solutions

  • Gardo Clean — Alkaline cleaning
  • Gardacid® — Acid cleaning, light etching, deoxidize, desmut
  • Gardo Etch — Decorative alkaline and acid etching
  • Gardo Color — For 2 step electrolytic coloring of architectural shapes
  • Gardo Seal — High performance sealing of clear, color or 2-step

Anodizing Highlights

Working at an industry low free fluoride level, Gardo Etch 8315/8319 provides superior uniform matte finish that hides die lines/scratches and provides repeatable low gloss & a pleasing optical appearance.

Significant reductions in energy, time, aluminum removal and waste generation are realized when switching from alkaline etch to acidic etching.

Chemetall's anodizing product line offers many specialized formulas and additive materials to meet your company's specific performance requirements.


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