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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality is a core value of Chemetall. Not only are our specialty chemical products created from raw materials that meet our strict requirements, but the related process equipment is also under our constant monitoring. Because of our complete understanding of our own internal processes, as well as the processes and needs of our customers, Chemetall can achieve our goal of providing added value. You can be further assured of our dedication to providing you with the best quality products and services.

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Chemetall's Quality Policy

Chemetall's employees focus on supplying products and services that will satisfy our customers ’ present and future requirements. Effective products and services will be provided by building a complete understanding of three fundamental principles:

Understanding who is the customer. Chemetall defines the customer as the receiver of a value-added product from our processes. This definition includes not only the external customer, but also the internal customer.

Understanding our internal processes, from input through completed product, provides information on variation and where future improvements should be focused. Our employees, owners of their processes, continuously pursue a data-driven system that supplies maximum customer satisfaction with minimal effort.

Understanding the customers' process and how our product variation affects the customers' process. This continuous understanding of, and partnering with, our customers allows us to better determine the customers' current and future needs and develop and launch products effectively, thus switching the focus from problem solving to problem prevention.

No one principle will be sufficient to achieve success. Education and training, cross-functional interaction, open-minded thinking, and a heightened sense of urgency will allow Chemetall's employees to achieve our goal of increasing the value provided to our customers.


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