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Investing in innovation

BASF | Chemetall implements HoloLens 2 for sustainable technical support

HoloLens 2 is an ergonomic, untethered, self-contained, holographic, Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses and headset, manufactured by Microsoft.

Everything that the wearer sees and does can be remotely analyzed in real time or recorded.

This allows for precise and efficient hands-free work, allowing Chemetall's technical experts to share real-world experience of the process, installation, or repair at any stage of the manufacturing line.

  • Virtual expert advice
  • Reduce downtime
  • Remote assistance
  • Instant collaboration

HoloLens 2 is an exciting new tool recently implemented by Chemetall.

Technical support

If you need any kind of technical support, we will ship you the AR headset, and you can demonstrate your process for our experts to trouble shoot and solve.

It's just like having one of our Process Engineers on-site with you! We can provide electrical, mechanical, and process support, even PLC programming assistance.


If you need equipment training or upskilling, we will provide you with access to the visual system and display.

We will teach through hands-on demonstrations using the AR headset ourselves.

Complete confidentiality

Chemetall is committed to keeping proprietary information secure and confidential.

Recorded projects and installations will only be seen by Chemetall employees directly involved in your account or for training purposes.

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