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Chemetall challenges old adage — "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Chemetall has created a new adage — "Assume every manufacturing process can be improved.""

This case study has a unique focus — it highlights the importance of proactive work, not just for economic sustainability, but because the commitment to environmental sustainability reaches beyond technology and expertise, it requires teaching how to get there.

Working with a global wheel manufacturer, Chemetall gained a trial with Tech Cool® 35718 metalworking fluid to run in their roll forming operation that produces light steel automotive wheels.

Post test Tech Cool 35718 audit measurable results:

  • Decreased labor
  • Less raw material
  • Increased tool life
  • Significant increase in output without increase in consumables

Significant improvement in sustainability!

Wheel manufacturer enjoys huge process improvement due to motivated experts

Jim Pinson, a Technical Sales Manager and one of Chemetall's experts, realized that a partnership between Chemetall and the wheel manufacturer could be of mutual benefit. The automotive industry is constantly evolving at an ever-increasing pace, especially with the growing prevalence of electric vehicles.

Chemetall's commitment to sustainability goes further than responding to requests for expert assistance when there is an obvious manufacturing challenge. Chemetall management overtly encourages its experts to emphasize the importance of a sustainability audit even if there is no visible "problem", as solving the world's global environmental challenges are in everyone's interest.

Working with Cyle Ward, Key Account Manager Metalworking and another Chemetall expert, Jim Pinson began to call on the local regional plant of this global wheel manufacturer. They had been with the same metalworking fluids supplier for 15 or 20 years and had doubts that Chemetall could improve performance and were hesitant to make a change that might negatively impact the process.

Jim Pinson began the development of a relationship, with persistence and tenacity, and eventually the first of what became a series of meetings with the wheel manufacturer was scheduled. Jim met with their EHS and Engineering teams multiple times and they eventually agreed to product test Chemetall's award winning Tech Cool 35718 metalworking fluid in their roll forming operation producing light steel automotive wheels. The stated goal was cost savings without compromising quality.

Before the product trial began, Chemetall conducted an audit of the production line which included laboratory analysis, to confirm that the recommended product, Tech Cool 35718, was the best choice for the application.

Jim Pinson had this to say, "I wasn't nervous as I had very high confidence that it would do well, and I knew we could save them cost and not just maintain but exceed their quality standards. I also knew that they hadn't yet fully realized that we were going to make such a contribution to their sustainability. They achieved noticeable increases in tool life, improved sump life, and reduced labor and maintenance.""

Achieving REAL sustainability requires "unbroken" processes

Post test audit results for Tech Cool 35718 metalworking fluid in roll forming operation of steel light-vehicle wheels.

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Tech Cool 35718 is one product in Chemetall's line of metalworking fluids that improve productivity in automotive component manufacturing processes by increasing sustainability and reliability, and by actively reducing carbon footprints.

Tech Cool 35718

  • High performance synthetic coolant
  • Formulated to provide superior detergency and cleanliness
  • Developed using a unique blend of anionic, cationic, and nonionic ingredients
  • Provides outstanding lubrication, superior cutting action, and is inherently stable
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect both the machine tool and the substrates
  • Improve sump life, reduce maintenance, and increase ease of operation due to its superior cleaning ability

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