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Prime Powder Coating selects BASF | Chemetall to supply consumables

Prime Powder Coating is a well-established powder coating and specialty coating job shop serving the mid-south from Memphis, Tennessee. On September 27, 2023, they hosted a festive grand opening/open house for their second location on Harbor Avenue. Harbor Avenue is on President’s Island on the Mississippi River between Arkansas and Tennessee, providing an exceptionally convenient location for moving large volumes of raw parts in for cleaning, pretreatment, paint, and curing, and then back out again.

The facility is equipped with a Gema Powder Coating 14 Automatic OptiGun SMART P Booth with two OptiSelect Pro manual guns. This powder application booth boasts many advanced options designed to maximize coating quality and throughput.

The ace in Prime Powder Coating's latest investment is their brand new, state-of-the-art, large volume 5-stage washer and powder paint line.

Prime Powder Coating invests in a brand new 5-stage spray washer and a state-of-the-art powder paint line

Prime Powder Coating has a 10-year relationship with BASF | Chemetall, at their first location on Brooks Road in Memphis. BASF | Chemetall provides weekly audits, equipment installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as inventory control of consumables.

Prime Powder Coating's new Harbor Avenue location.

Brooks Road uses Gardobond® AP 9840, a liquid, phosphorus-free, single-package, cleaner and pretreatment that enhances the performance of subsequently applied organic liquid and powder coatings. Multi-metal Gardobond AP 9840 cleans and reacts with steel, aluminum, and zinc substrates to enhance paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Brooks Road also uses Gardolene® D, a non-chrome final rinse for use with iron and zinc phosphates that provides the performance of final chromated rinses without the use of chrome.

Like BASF | Chemetall, Prime Powder Coating maintains the highest standards, demonstrates a proactive commitment to superior workmanship, and aims for complete customer satisfaction. Placing a very high value on the technical expertise and reliability of their vendors, BASF | Chemetall was contacted during the planning prior to the construction of the washer and paint line at the new Harbor Road location.

The new paint line at work.
Production Supervisor Jan Howard inspects a finished part.

BASF | Chemetall was asked to audit the planning and provide chemical recommendations. Satisfied with the results and input, BASF | Chemetall participated in weekly calls with the customer and contractor throughout the build, which took about a year.

Powder paint with electrostatic spray guns.
Newly installed 5 stage washer and paint line.

BASF | Chemetall was represented at the grand opening/open house by Technical Manager Rich Yeoman, District Manager Jonathan Moses, and Sales Engineer David Wallace.

"They helped our customers be happier with us."

Owner Cory McCabe had this to say,
"BASF | Chemetall has achieved the one metric for us that is always the most important. They helped our customers be
happier with us!"

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