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Gardomer® L 6339

Advanced, dry-film, polymer lubricant

Gardomer L 6339 is a high performance aqueous polymer dispersion lubricant for the coating of metal surfaces to facilitate cold forming.

It is primarily used in the production of cold heading wire.

  • Reduce friction
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Stable upon dilution, miscible with water
  • Excellent film forming properties
  • Multiple applications: drawing, extrusion, and stamping
  • Multi-Metal safe
  • Ambient bath temperature, quick drying

Chemetall offers a fully integrated and optimized portfolio of products and solutions for cold forming.

Our technologies arise from our comprehensive knowledge of the challenges faced by manufacturers.

We offer advanced and original green options to increase sustainability.

Cold Forming of Metal

Discover Chemetall's innovative, high-performance products that offer the optimal solution for all cold forming applications.

Our extensive range of lubricants, protection agents, cleaning and phosphate removal products, pickling inhibitors, activating and neutralizing agents, and phosphate-free pretreatments provide superior process workflows.

Cold forming, CHQ, and extrusion processes and products

Cold extrusion of high-strength alloys

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