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Anodizing and

        Aluminum Finishing:

        A Complete Portfolio

        Chemetall provides a complete portfolio of environmentally
        sound solutions, including chrome-free, phosphorus-free,
        and NPE surfactant-free products as well as a full line of high
        performance anodizing technology. From superior cleaners to
        conversion coatings, Chemetall’s aluminum finishing products
        deliver outstanding cleaning, surface finishing uniformity, and
        long-lasting corrosion protection.

                                                       Spray     Immersion   Liquid    Powder     Etching   Low Etch
         Gardoclean  338 U
            Heavy-duty, etching spray cleaner.
          NPE surfactant-free.
         Gardoclean S 5339
            Spray cleaner for extruded, wrought and cast alloys.
          Minimal surface attack. NPE surfactant-free and silicate-free.
         Gardoclean T 5316
            Non-silicated immersion cleaner for all aluminum alloys.

         Gardoclean TP 10367
            Economical, mid-duty, highly alkaline cleaner for cleaning and
          etching aluminum. NPE surfactant-free.
         Gardoclean 2500 (Inpro-Clean 2500)
            Heavy-duty, non-silicated spray cleaner. Minimal surface attack.
          NPE surfactant-free. Good for MIL-DTL-5541 chromate lines.
         Gardoclean 3802 (Inpro-Clean 3800)
            Silicated cleaner, designed for removing buffing compounds.
         Gardoclean T 5450 (Low Heat Cleaner 1)
            Heavy-duty, etching cleaner for immersion applications.
          NPE surfactant-free.
         Gardoclean T 61 (Oakite 61B)
            Inhibited, alkaline cleaner for aluminum. Great for removing
          stencil identification inks, oils, and shop soils. Good for
          MIL-DTL-5541 chromate lines. Boeing approved.
          NPE surfactant-free.
          Gardoclean 5846 (STC)
            Low foaming, premium quality detergent for the most demand-
          ing aluminum cleaning jobs.
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