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Mass Finishing

Mass Finishing products surface preparation process consists of cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, inhibiting, and drying. Each of these may be achieved through several processes where the determining factors are efficiency, production rate, and economy.

Cleaning is the most important step in the mass finishing process, because it is the basis for all finishing operations. In order to efficiently debur, burnish, inhibit, plate, or paint a part, it must be clean. The part must be free of residues from the surface of the part; these residues include dust or particles, cutting or stamping fluid, die lubes, corrosion inhibitors, oxidation or scale. Each of these residues, alone or in combination with one another, requires its own type of cleaning chemistry. Chemetall has cleaners to address the critical cleaning requirement of the mass finishing industry.

Acidic Compounds

FM 184 is a powdered acidic compound that will quickly and effectively do these four distinct barrel finishing jobs:
  1. Remove heat scale and discolorations from steel parts
  2. Brighten brass or copper, with or without media
  3. Deburr brass, copper, steel or stainless steel
  4. Restore color to steel darkened by alkaline deburring treatment
Oakite 31 is a liquid, acidic compound used for removing shop dirt, oxides, rust and heat scale, flux and welding spatter from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. It is also used for removing milkstone and similar mineral deposits in dairies, meat processing and other food plants.
Form: Powder
Inhibited acid used for burnishing and deburring to remove mineral scale, rust, and other metal oxides. Non-fuming.

Alkaline Compounds

Form: Powder
Heavy-duty cleaner used in burnishing and deburring applications to remove light rust, greasy, oily, and carbonaceous soils.
Form: Liquid
Specially formulated burnishing, deburring, and brightening cleaner designed to remove tenacious buffing compounds. Free-rinsing.

Mild Alkaline/Neutral Compounds

FM 103 is a powdered, mildly alkaline barrel finishing material formulated for extra brightness. It's for general purposes burnishing with all types of media, as well as self-tumbling work. Used with brass, copper, nickel-silver, gold, mild and hardened steel parts, it prevents tarnish, while developing both color and lustre. FM 103 provides maximum cleanliness of metal with effective lubrication cushioning to prevent peening action.
FM 403 is a mildly alkaline liquid barrel finishing material for burnishing both ferrous and non- ferrous metals. On non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, nickel-silver and their alloys, it develops brilliant color and produces a lustrous, highly polished finish. FM 403 will also produce a highly polished finish on steel and stainless steel. It will not darken or discolor steel shot or media when used at recommended concentrations. FM 403 has secondary application as a soak cleaner for effectively removing tenacious buffing compounds and shop soils. The material is inhibited to prevent attack on soft metals.
Form: Liquid
Highly concentrated cleaner used in a wide variety of mass finishing applications to remove dirt, oils, soils, and light grease. Buffing compound remover in immersion or ultrasonic equipment. Performs in hard water. Free-rinsing.
Oakite 3 is a biodegradable, mildly alkaline compound for burnishing steel, brass, copper, aluminum and precious metals in conjunction with steel burnishing media. It is also used as a soak tank cleaner for removing buffing compounds.
Form: Liquid
Neutral pH rust removers/brighteners based on organic phosphate technology. Provides short-term rust protection.

Cleaner/Rust Preventives

Form: Liquid
Synthetic, mildly alkaline cleaner/rust preventative used in deburring and burnishing applications. Leaves a dry film and provides up to 6 months indoor protection. Provides light-duty detergency removing coolants, machine oils, shop soils, drawing compounds, and quenchants.
Form: Liquid
Synthetic family of products used in deburring and burnishing applications providing excellent rust protection. Leaves a dry to slightly tacky film and provides up to 6 months indoor protection. CS version is hard water stable. LCMS version is a cleaner/rust preventive.
Form: Liquid
Synthetic medium-duty cleaner/rust preventive used in a wide variety of mass finishing applications. Leaves a dry to slightly tacky film and provides up to 30 days indoor protection. Contains biodegradable surfactants.

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