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Metal Forming Compounds and Fluids

Drawing and Stamping

Shaping metal requires premium chemistry to assure reproducible results day in and day out. The proper balance of lubricity, viscosity, and corrosion resistance achieved by a systematic approach assures clean dies and reduced maintenance while producing precise parts with exact tolerances. Chemetall is proud to supply a complete line of premium drawing and stamping compounds, including full synthetic, emulsion forming, and straight oil fluids designed to improve the quality of your production while reducing the cost of the operation.

Solvent-based vanishing oil for light forming, stamping and punching of painted and unpainted stock; provides excellent lubricity and cooling.
Non-chlorinated EP, multi metal safe. Gardocool C 9176 is recommended for most medium duty metalworking applications without the use of chlorinated extreme pressure additives. It can also be used as a light to medium duty stamping compound where cleanability of finished parts is required. It is particularly useful for aluminum and aluminum alloy applications.
Synthetic, water soluble, liquid drawing compound for steel, copper, brass and aluminum.
Tech Draw 9180 is a chlorinated, mineral-oil based soluble oil formulated for use on severe high speed and high tonnage applications. It is considered a multifunctional fluid, which can be used for difficult machining operations such as broaching of stainless steel, as well as performs under heavy tonnage stamping requirements. The product is especially designed for drawing and stamping, and tube drawing and reduction.
Tech Draw 9602 represents a new chemistry in the selection of commercially available drawing/stamping oils. It is a very light colored, sulfur fortified low odor hydrocarbon and ester based cutting oil. The extreme pressure additives are effective in reducing friction at the die interface, thus allowing for peak performance in ferrous and non-ferrous metal applications. The ideal viscosity allows for optimal performance and filtration capabilities.


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