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Energy Generation and Storage

The reduction of CO2 emissions and the problematic air pollution in megacities are leading to a sharp increase in demand for alternatives with a great deal of emphasis on electrification. Chemetall technologies contribute heavily toward long lasting and sustainable electrification market applications such as:

  • Automotive batteries (battery cell, battery modules, cover, tray, and cross member underbody protection)
  • Electric powertrains
  • Heat management solutions
  • Maintenance and service
  • Wheels
  • Wind energy

Innovation in Surface Technologies is more important than ever:

  • Increasing amounts of multiple lightweight materials and combinations create challenges in adhesion processes.
  • Electrification of powertrains creates new requirements beyond corrosion protection.
  • Reducing the CO2 footprint of Electric Vehicles by using environmentally friendly and sustainable processes and products.

Chemistry is making an important contribution to the electrification of the market. Discover how Chemetall products are helping to shape the future.

Gardolube — highly efficient lubricants and salt-carriers

Gardoclean — highly efficient cleaners that provide environmental compliance, energy savings, and bath life extension

Gardacid — Pickling products to remove residues such as contaminants, scale, and rust

Gardoflex — Modern zinc-phosphate technology suited for multi-metal treatment

Oxsilan — Next generation thin-film technology for appliances and automobiles

Gardobond X — Chrome-free pretreatment process for aluminum and magnesium substrates.

Cathoguard — Ecoat technology to clean, promote adhesion, and corrosion protection

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