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Plating Technologies

Plating technologies that prepare metal for use prior to electroplating require premium performance products which are easy to use and environmentally safe. We not only offer superior technology, but are also committed to passing on the knowledge of how to apply this technology and maximize product performance. We back our products with unique analytical capability and strong technical support.

We also provide the plating processes from Coventya.


  • Decorative Plating
  • Protective Plating

Some of the many Chemetall products for the Plating industry are:

Specialized aluminum preplate products including inhibited alkaline etchs, acid etchs, deoxidizers, zincate strippers, activators and zincates

Soak and spray cleaners for buffing and polishing compound removal

Soak and electrocleaners for oil and grease removal

Acidic activators and oxide removers

Specialities including compound penetrant, copper alloy tarnish inhibitor, and stainless steel oxide remover

Waste treatment products for all electroplating applications

Coventya plating process chemistries including, copper, nickel, electroless nickel, chrome, zinc, tin

  • Cubrac Copper
  • Crystal Nickel
  • Enova
  • Lanthane Trivalent Passivates
  • Primion and Zeta Plus Zinc
  • Stabac Tin
  • Performa Zinc Alloy
  • Chrome 200
  • Tristar Chrome


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