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Perfect Harmony — Meet Your Needs With Our 6 Point Total Value Proposition

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Point 1. Global Specialists Locally Available

Our extensive global network of technical sales representatives and industry experts, are masters in their fields, and are locally available, in-person, ready to meet your needs.

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Point 2. Comprehensive and Focused Expert Support

Enhance your productivity with the process know-how of the Chemetall team, who are dedicated experts that provide technical service and support.

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Point 3. Integrated Portfolio of Innovative Products

Our best-in-class products and technologies help you: Cut it  with coolants, cutting fluids and lubricants formulated for enhanced tool life, extended sump life and lower disposal costs, Clean it  with environmentally progressive cleaners and paint strippers that are safe, effective and easy to use, Coat it  with corrosion preventives, surface treatment and rust inhibitors that use the latest advanced technologies, Control it  with CODACS™ — Chemetall's Original Data Acquisition and Control System for monitoring and process control, and Non-Destructive Testing, and Conserve it  with our Water and Effluent Treatments and Energy Saving Technologies.

Point 4. High Quality Standards

Our customers benefit from our consistently produced top quality products that result from environmentally responsible and sustainable, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities; all of which adhere to stringent government and industry standards and customer specifications.

Point 5. Fast and Accurate Labs

Our best-in-class modern laboratories are externally certified to ensure that our customers benefit from our advanced techniques and processes, cutting edge equipment, and highly trained and experienced technicians. In addition, we are actively involved in Research and Development to support our commitment to innovation.

Point 6. Open Collaboration

Our customers benefit from the flow of information and expertise between themselves and our completely integrated manufacturing plants, laboratories, administrative services and in-field representatives to increase efficiencies and process performance, working together to meet your current and future needs.

Chemetall has been innovating, developing, manufacturing, and supplying best-in-class Specialty Chemicals for Metal Fabrication and Finishing Processes for over a century. Our approach to chemistry is very special. We support process innovation in everything we do and are fully dedicated to the success of our customers! "We are proud of Perfect Harmony," said Julia Murray, Vice President Global Marketing for Chemetall. "We call it this because we are using the six strings of a guitar to represent the six components of our 6 Point Total Value Proposition. We all appreciate music and when business fundamentals are truly executed with our level of commitment and precision, it really is like the experience of perfect musical harmony."

For more information about Chemetall products and service, contact: Chemetall, 675 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974-0007; Tel: 800-526-4473; Fax: 908-464-4658.

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