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Forging, casting, painting and plating products for the Wheel Manufacturing industry

Aluminum Wheel Program

Forging, casting, painting and plating for the aluminum wheel industry is the focus of the innovative processes being developed by Chemetall. Working in partnership with our customers, we have advanced the quality performance of aluminum wheels.

We have partnered with the industry to develop innovative processes for a variety of aluminum wheel manufacturing operations. With the goal of continuous improvement, Chemetall and our customers have advanced the quality performance of aluminum wheels.

Chemetall continues to refine and develop new materials and processes to meet the ever-changing environmental and performance standards of the industry.

Chemetall, as a Tier I automotive supplier, understands the commitment required at the OEM level and integrates the concept into our Tier II support. Fully-staffed laboratories ensure automotive test capabilities.

The wheel industry objectives include:

  • Providing products and support through ISO and QS qualified facilities and business systems.
  • Acting as a single source supplier for metalworking fluids, in-process cleaners, pre-paint treatments, pre-plate treatments, plating process chemistries, and waste treatment chemistries.
  • Developing programs to meet our customers' objectives.
  • Continually monitoring process costs and quality.
  • Investigation and pursuit of environmentally friendly processes, including the current research into the elimination of carcinogenic hexavalent chromium in aluminum wheel processing.

Chemetall supports our key customers with a customer specific team of dedicated professionals. The team works at all levels to ensure communication between ourselves and the customer. Chemetall will conduct technical audits of the chemical processes, as well as in-plant reviews of our process performance and cost reduction program. Our service program provides in-plant training, written service reports and laboratory testing and support.

Some of the many Chemetall products for the Automotive Wheel Manufacturing industry are:

Applications for the Automotive Wheel Manufacturer include:

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