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Heavy Equipment: Agricultural & Off-Road

Heavy Equipment: Agricultural & Off-Road demands machining, cleaning and corrosion protection to meet the demands put on the equipment itself. These vehicles do strenuous work daily and need to hold up for long periods of time. This requires that every component being used in the construction of these vehicles be manufactured to the highest (toughest) possible quality. That's where Chemetall enters the picture.

Chemetall's comprehensive line of specialty chemical products is used throughout the entire manufacturing process of these rugged vehicles and their accessories.

Chemetall is the specialty chemical supplier of choice for many of the most notable Heavy Equipment manufacturers and their tier suppliers.

Chemetall's products can literally assist a manufacturer’s needs from start to finish. Our products are being utilized throughout the manufacturing process, starting with cutting and forming of metal components, where our machining coolants and forming lubricants are used. Then it is on to in-process cleaning or corrosion protection of parts, so that components can be stored temporarily while they wait for future processing. The next step takes us to the finishing department, where Chemetall is an expert in the pretreatment of metals (and plastics) prior to painting or powder coating. Maybe your need is in electroplating or anodizing? We can help you there as well. Finally, a manufacturer must maintain their facility while also dealing with wastewater treatment. Chemetall can help. Our floor cleaners, maintenance cleaners, and water treatment products will do the job in the safest and most economical way possible.

Chemetall is the source for all of your specialty chemical needs.

Applications for Heavy Off-Road Equipment Manufacturers include:


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