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Pretreatment and lubricant technologies for OEM automotive components

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Pretreatment and lubricant technologies for OEM automotive components is a specialty of Chemetall. Therefore, whether your business is building cars, trucks, and vans, or it's the manufacturing of components used to build them, Chemetall is the right choice for your specialty chemical needs.

Chemetall has a long history of servicing the Automotive industry here in North America and abroad through our parent company, Chemetall GmbH. In fact, Chemetall is the market share leader in Europe for providing pretreatment to OEM body lines. Here in North America, Chemetall enjoys our relationship with numerous OEM’s and their many tier suppliers.

Many of Chemetall's newest pretreatment and lubricant technologies are the result of R&D work performed on behalf of the automotive industry. We pride ourselves at being technology leaders, not followers.

Auto technology does not stand still because of the increasing expectations of auto customers, and neither do we. Our new pretreatment systems are state-of-the-art! When our chemists formulate a new product, they bear in mind the environment, worker safety, and high-level performance; all packaged together at a fair price.

Another key factor as to why Chemetall is the right choice for your company is our attitude towards service. It doesn't matter whether you're the largest OEM or the smallest job shop; we honestly believe you should receive the same treatment&elipse; the best! Our chemical management programs can be tailored to whatever the client needs.

Chemetall's quality systems meet or exceed Automotive industry standards and we are constantly monitoring the dynamic regulations that govern the industry.

Applications for the Automotive Building & Repair Industry include:


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