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Machine Shop and Metal Fabrication

Machine shop and metal fabrication processes find metal cutting fluids, coolants, drawing, and stamping lubricants from Chemetall are of the utmost importance. In order to avoid problems typically associated with poor part quality, poor tool life, rancid fluids, corrosion, and worker dermatitis, you need a supplier who is willing to understand your system's idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, your manufacturing goals and objectives usually require more than "just a supplier", they require a "partner."

At Chemetall we take this partnership approach in supporting our customers. First, we listen to the customer and learn about their goals and objectives. Then, based on the input provided, coupled with a detailed audit of the process, we provide our recommendation and strategy. Once accepted, we implement our "Total Coolant Management System", which includes on-site personnel support, periodic program review meetings, Chemetall laboratory services, coolant management system reports, and process equipment and engineering services.

Once the machining and forming tasks are complete, it’s on to cleaning and finishing. Chemetall has a vast array of alkaline and acid cleaners for all types of applications, including: immersion, spray, parts washer and hot tanks, electro-cleaners, foam, floor scrubber, ultrasonic, and more. In addition to our cleaners, Chemetall has premium-grade iron and zinc phosphate coatings, along with other conversion coatings for pre-paint and unpainted applications. Chemetall is the authority in metal surface treatments.

The metal fabrication process can be made up of quite a number of steps. In addition to the steps mentioned above, Chemetall also supplies vibratory and mass finishing chemicals, rust preventives, laser scale and oxide removers, boiler water and cooling tower treatments, wastewater treatment chemistries, general maintenance cleaners, non-destructive testing materials, anodizing and electroplating.

Whether Chemetall is handling one or all of your specialty chemical applications, you have our full commitment.

Applications for the Machine Shop and Metal Fabrication industry include:

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